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Meet the judges

We have an exceptional team of judges with backgrounds in scriptwriting, theatre, film, photography, directing, music, teaching, and more.

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Theatrically trained, Langley is known for portraying self-assured, educated, stylish women often with unexpected secrets. A veteran character and improv actor as well as an established voice over talent, she spent many years in professional theater before transitioning into television and film acting. A true nature-lover, Langley is committed to environmental issues and she's a devoted animal advocate. 



Jeff Corpening is a Writer, Director, and Editor with decades of work in corporate, broadcast, and cable television. Known for his multiple short films, including the award-winning Compassion trilogy (2019/2020), Corpening graduated from the University of Miami school of film at a time when they were still cutting celluloid. He currently teaches filmmaking and video production to high-school youth and is producing films in the Atlanta area. 


j Adam

J Adam Riley serves on the board of directors of Southeast Alabama Community Theatre with which he has performed onstage and backstage since the 2015 production of "Les Miserables."

Adam has been on-stage for such productions as "Chicago," "Hairspray," "Big Fish," and "Newsies," and he most recently directed "The Great American Trailer Park Musical."

He has co-authored two novels, "Dear Sir" and "Seal of the Archmage," with the late A. L. Hutchison, and has been on set for two movie productions, one of which was the award winning adaptation of the play "Second Samuel."

Dr. richard

Dr Tavernaro has lived several lives, so to speak, first as an officer in the US Army then as a high school counselor/swim coach, a psychologist in private practice and finally coming into the film industry in 2010. Aside from being a working actor, he is also an award-winning Writer, Director and Producer and is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Dr Tavernaro is the founder and executive director of the Cobb International Film Festival, now in its tenth year, and owner/executive director of the international filmmaking competition “Film Racing”. Dr Tavernaro does several things for local indie filmmakers, including hosting a monthly “Indie Film Night” at the Strand Theater on Marietta Square and is currently collaborating with a long-time friend to create a new streaming platform called “MiniFlix”, which is specifically for short films, which are typically overlooked by mainstream distributors.


Jordan-Paige Sudduth is an autistic 22-year-old screenwriter, actor, and content creator. She began writing her first film in her freshman year of high school and made short films throughout her high school career. She now focuses primarily on screenwriting, but continues to do various freelance film production work. Her most recent short film, ACES, is nearing 1 million YouTube views, and has won over 30 awards in the film festival circuit so far. She graduated from Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film, Television, and Games program in August of 2020, sold her first screenplay in April 2021, and gained representation from CP Entertainment Management for screenwriting and her other creative endeavors in February of 2022.  

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Dr. joseph frew-miller

Joseph Frew-Miller, PhD has been teaching for 25 years and much of that has been with theatre and tv production.  He is NATIONALLY certified in TV Production and Broadcast Journalism, holds a PhD from FSU in Comprehensive Vocational Education, is an FAA certified drone pilot, and accomplished stage and screen performer.  His credits include productions of Les Miserables, Hairspray and It's A Wonderful Life as well as film credits in Second Samuel, Brother's Keeper, and Haunted Mansion.

He started this festival with just one film and a few dedicated students.  He can show you a blueprint to organizing your own festival from the ground up.

Photo Credit:  Anthony Paderewski



Blessed with a driving intellectual curiosity and having lived a gypsy lifestyle, Ann Robb brings her life experiences to the stage and screen. Raised by an artist, she lived in Guadalajara Mexico as a child. Along with riding a burro to school, she learned to speak Spanish, dance the regional dances and became a promising vocalist who would later perform on prestigious stages from Chicago to Southern California. Moving back to the U.S. as a teenager, she lived the beach life during Southern California's golden age, cutting school to go surfing and running down to Baja for lobster tacos. Years later, as an adult, her ability to recreate that carefree personality would receive rave reviews as she brought Lexie, the lovable man-eater, to life on the stage in "The Dixie Swim Club" , a slightly batty cat-owner in "The Stuff of St. Petersburg" and later, as a match-making bag lady in the movie, "Ten Dollars". Along with skydiving, white water rafting and traveling extensively, she raised three children, attended Eastern Illinois University and enjoyed a successful career as a business executive and coach. Those life lessons were later showcased as a mature and caring therapist in "A Symmetry", a sophisticated, but stern, Senate President in "Bipartisanship" and a kindly, tongue-in-cheek immigration officer in "The Persian". She would step away from those roles to play the caustic and conspiratorial Jessie Rose on stage in "Good Help is so Hard to Murder" and a homicidal restaurant owner in the film, "Stevie Sliders". Committed full time to her acting career, Ann continues to study and along with her husband, lives in the sultry and mysterious city of Savannah, Georgia.


Kaitlynn Graham was born in Georgia on June 4, 2003. She took acting classes in High school. She also takes classes from her mother actress Regina Curtin. She plays young Mary in the film “ Broken Vows” and she did a play this year along side very talented actors. Kaitlynn also enjoys painting and drawing. Her amazing sense of creativity brings life to every role she tackles. 

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Ryan McVey is a US Marine and also worked Fire/Rescue for over 10 years. Ryan is an Actor, Stunt Performer, Producer, and Safety Rep. He is best known for his TV roles in Covenant (AMC) and Judge Me Not (AllBlk), and films After The Fall, The Big Daddy, and has an upcoming role in Port City. He has also worked on big budget productions such as Project Artemis (Apple), They/Them (Peacock), and Emergency (Amazon)

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